Shopper Media Exchange the first Southeast Asian 'Vertical Ad Network', focussed specifically on e-commerce media

Three industry veterans have launched 'Shopper Media Exchange'; the first Southeast Asian 'Vertical Ad Network', focussed specifically on e-commerce media. In their years of working in the digital advertising, technology and media industries, they experienced a lot of energy in meetings with e-commerce executives. They came to understand their extraordinary capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit but also their needs and decided to launch a business that can help e-commerce media companies to bridge the gap with large regional and global brands advertisers. The goal is to connect brand advertisers with shopper audiences that spend a significant amount of their time on their local and preferred e-commerce related media platforms and domains.


Shopper audiences are hard to reach on dedicated e-commerce related media as this media vertical is inaccessible and hyperfragmented.


WShopper Media Exchange is the leading Vertical Ad Network in South East Asia that solves this problem by opening up quality e-commerce media sources and combining it with intent- and purchase data to drive measurable advertising results.


Create a regional e-commerce media focused ad network for shopper marketing and reach shoppers on their hyperfragmented and untapped digital e-commerce journey.

brands to use e-commerce intent and purchase data and find audiences who are in an ‘e-commerce mindset’ and most likely to convert.
Create multi touchpoints across South East Asia’s leading marketplaces, e-commerce websites , price- and product comparison and review websites.
Investment in quality media gives advertisers more choice and less dependency on major global media owners.

Shopper Media Exchange

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The Process

A lot of e-commerce media owners such as marketplaces, price- and product comparison sites, e-commerce platforms, forums and communities, are not always accessible for global brands because they simply don’t run (programmatic) advertising on their domains. Most existing commercial deals are with local advertisers or coming from small merchandising budgets. Today’s digital consumer integrates specific e-commerce media touch points across its digital shopper journey; you check product specific forums, interact with other shoppers in vertical communities, check prices , look for vouchers and read reviews. We call this ‘e-commerce media’ and it became the first dedicated e-commerce VAN (Vertical Ad Network) that opens these touchpoints so the audiences become visible and accessible to global and large regional brand. Media owners benefit instantly from these significantly larger media budgets.

The Result

The startup was suspended due to COVID19 related circumstances.

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